Title Published Date
Rare Quran manuscript found in Tunisia 19 March 2018
21 Killed, 70 Wounded as Boko Haram suicide bombers attack fish market in Borno 17 February 2018
Sheikh Abdul Ridha Ma’ash tours Shia Centers in Tanzania 14 February 2018
Shia Muslims of Nampula, Mozambique help victims of natural disasters + Photos 14 February 2018
International Criminal Court to investigate Shia Massacre in Nigeria 12 February 2018
Ahlulbait Center in Tanzania organizes a contest on Imam Ali’s Shaqshaqiya sermon 12 February 2018
Nigerian protesters call for release of Zakzaky 18 January 2018
Somalia's Shabab militants forcing civilians to hand over children: HRW 16 January 2018
Quran translated into Kirundi Language in Burundi 28 December 2017
Reactions trail Law graduate denied call to bar over hijab 19 December 2017
Scores of Boko Haram fighters arrested in huge raid by Nigerian armed forces 17 December 2017
Rebels kill 25 Muslims in CAR mosque 15 October 2017
Nigerian soldiers shot and killed man on Shias’ property 12 October 2017
Nigerian Shias hold Ashura in 60 cities, demand Ayatollah Zakzaky’s release 04 October 2017
Millions of mourners commemorate Ashura 01 October 2017
Nigerian Shias Muslims’ Muharram ceremonies under army crackdown 30 September 2017
Boko Haram terrorists kill 18 people in northeast Nigeria 02 September 2017
Somalia-based al-Shabab terror group beheads 3 people in Kenya 19 August 2017
Al-Shabab Takfiri group ‘seizes town in Somalia’ 05 August 2017
Warith al-Anbiya Institute attracts students from different countries 22 June 2017

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