Title Published Date
Boko Haram terrorists kill 18 people in northeast Nigeria 02 September 2017
Somalia-based al-Shabab terror group beheads 3 people in Kenya 19 August 2017
Al-Shabab Takfiri group ‘seizes town in Somalia’ 05 August 2017
Warith al-Anbiya Institute attracts students from different countries 22 June 2017
Police: Suicide bombers kill 12 in Nigeria's Borno state 21 June 2017
Dozens of Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram released 10 May 2017
Islamic preacher from Burkina Faso embraces Shiisim 09 May 2017
Eight killed as bombers target northeast Nigeria 27 April 2017
Millions across Yemen, Africa could be at risk of death from starvation – UN agency 13 April 2017
Boko Haram terrorists kidnap 22 girls, women in northeast Nigeria 04 April 2017
Imam Hussein Holy Shrine welcomes students from Nigeria 15 March 2017
Gunmen abduct students, teachers from school in SW Nigeria 17 January 2017
Mosque vandalized in Simon’s Town, South Africa 10 January 2017
Delegation from Burkina Faso pledges to convey the Husseini Message to West Africa 04 January 2017
Afghan Taliban leader arrested in Quetta 18 October 2016
Three Afghan Taliban leaders arrested 16 October 2016
Saudi Arabia passes 'grim watershed' as it executes 100th person this year 31 July 2016
Various activities by the representatives of the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadiq Husseini Shirazi 20 July 2016
Contributions of seven donors reach needy people through Jannat Ahl al-Bayt Foundation 11 July 2016
Largest Quran teaching center in Senegal with 3500 Quran memorizers and 450 students 03 May 2016

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