Tunisian blogger sentences to six months in prison for satirical post on the Holy Quran

A blogger in Tunisia has been sentenced to six months in prison after sharing a satirical post about Covid-19 written in the form of a verse from the Quran.

Emna Charqui, 28, was arrested in May for sharing a message on Facebook urging people to follow hygiene rules in the style of Islam's holy book.

Charqui said in a recent interview that she had no intention of provoking shock, but found the post amusing.

She was found guilty in a Tunis court of "inciting hatred between religions".

She is not yet in custody as she intends to file an appeal.

Charqui's post appeared during the fasting month of Ramadan and while Tunisia was still largely under lockdown.

It caused a stir online, with some social media users labeling it offensive and calling for Charqui, an openly avowed atheist, to be punished.


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