Human rights organization criticizes Italy on human rights in Bahrain

Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain has condemned an oral intervention under the sixth item of the universal periodic review of Italy.

The intervention highlighted concerns about the Italian government not taking practical steps regarding the formation of a national institute for human rights, the use of criminal law, and other punishing steps against non-governmental organizations that are saving people, as well as the lack of implementation of European Union directives on human rights defenders.

"We are deeply concerned about Italy's implementation of the European Union guidelines on human rights defenders, and many Italian ambassadors and diplomats have not implemented such important guidelines in troubled places in the world where defenders are exposed,” the organization said referring to the file of human rights in the world mentioned in the intervention.

It continued, "For example, the Italian embassy in Bahrain refused to meet with human rights defenders, or family members of human rights defenders in a clear direction towards favoring trade relations with the Bahraini government to address persistent human rights violations and the application of the European Union Guidelines for Defenders on human rights, therefore, I would like to ask a question here: Will you commit to interviewing human rights defenders and their families in Bahrain and the countries of the Cooperation Council? "


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