New Zealand: Free Quran distribution to commemorate the two mosque massacres

The New Zealand Islamic Information Center organized a free Quran distribution campaign to visitors at a mall in Christchurch, New Zealand, to commemorate the mosque massacre. 

Despite the cancellation of the official event to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the two mosque massacres in the city of Christchurch due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, many New Zealanders have arrived to commemorate the victims of the bloody attack.

Dozens of people gathered in front of the Al Noor Mosque in the Christchurch to express their solidarity with the local Muslim community.

They were received by the mosque’s imam, Jamal Fouda, who, according to the Associated Press, said, “People of different faiths and cultures in the country are remembering 51 worshipers today who have fallen victim to the bloody massacre.”

Today, many residents flock to the Al-Nour Mosque to place flowers on its walls.


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