Boko Haram kills 30 civilians in northeastern Nigeria

Boko Haram terrorists have killed 30 civilians in northeastern Nigeria, according to the Nigerian Daily Post newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that the attack occurred in the town of Ono, which is on a strategic road close to the city of Maiduguri, the administrative center of Borno State.

The newspaper quoted a local resident as saying that heavily armed terrorists assaulted the town just before midnight on February 9, and killed 30 civilians, after they suppressed resistance by members of the Self-Defense Forces.

The Daily Post added that the attackers burned 18 cars, kidnapped a number of women and children.

The governor of Borno State, Papagana Umara Zolom, who visited Ono on Monday, pledged that the authorities would punish criminals. Military reinforcements were sent to the area.


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