Removal of Islamic architectural symbols from Chinese mosques

In a new step against the Muslims, the Chinese authorities removed the Islamic architectural symbols “Al Hilal” (Crescent) and the “Najma” (Star) from the highest lighthouses and replaced them with Chinese architectural symbols.

This was announced by a reporter in a report prepared after his visit to China, where he noticed the matter in the city of "Jing Ju" center of the province of "Henan" Chinese.

According to a Muslim citizen in China's "Henan" province, a local religious affairs official said that the mosque "Beida" is built in Islamic architecture and does not fit into Chinese architectural styles and this needs to change.

The Chinese government adopted a new law in 2017 to make Islam a Chinese religion, making it a local religion in harmony with Chinese culture. One of the most prominent steps in this direction is to erase Islamic architectural symbols from mosques and remove Islamic culture from the whole country.

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