New mosque opens in Netherlands




A mosque named the Tawheed Mosque was opened earlier this week in Venlo city, southeast of the Netherlands, in a ceremony attended by Ali Arbash, head of Turkish Dianat (religious affairs) department. 


According to Anadolu Agency, the organization’s Institute of Waqf (religious endowment) started the construction project of the mosque, which accommodates 2500 worshippers, in 2016. 


The opening ceremony was held on June 21 after the congregational Friday prayers. 


Addressing the program, Arbash stressed the importance of educational role of mosques in Europe and said that building religious places is one of the most important tools for strengthening Muslims unity. 


Also speaking at the ceremony, Sha’ban Dishli, Turkey’s ambassador to the Netherlands, said that the objective of the project is to provide an opportunity for the citizens to be acquainted with Islam and Islamic culture. 


Tawheed Mosque, built on a 3000 square meter plot of land, has a conference hall, a center for teaching religious sciences and Turkish language, restaurant and parking facility.

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