23,000 Quran centers active in Indonesia



Head of Indonesia’s Union of Qaris and Quran Memorizers said there are 23,000 Quran teaching centers active in the Southeast Asian country.

Sayyed Aqil al-Munawwar added that the centers are supported and supervised by municipalities in different cities and towns.

He underlined that municipalities play a major role in promoting Quranic education in Indonesia.

Some Quranic centers, meanwhile, are affiliated to the Islamic University of Indonesia, he said.

When asked about the level of Quranic and religious education in Indonesia’s universities, he said university students, especially those studying at Islamic higher education centers, have a good mastery over Quran reading and memorization and also learn religious subjects such as Hadith and Quran interpretation.

Al-Munawwar also touched on Quran competition in his country, saying that a national contest on Quran and Sunnah is annually held in Indonesia.

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