'No One Really Cares' about Yemen, says Save the Children CEO


Efforts to end, or even lessen the impact, of five years of war in Yemen are fighting mostly against indifference, the CEO of charity Save the Children said Tuesday, and the result is the death of more than 100,000 children from hunger and malnutrition since the conflict began five years ago.

“No one cares really about Yemen,” said Helle Thorning, CEO of the charity and a former prime minister of Denmark. “The Saudis don’t care, the Iranians don’t really care, the Americans don’t care. As long as that is the case, it is the responsibility for the rest of . . . the international community to do something.”

The war in Yemen is now in its fifth year, and the country is now divided between areas controlled by the Hadi government and Houthi forces, while a Saudi-led coalition has blockaded the country and made the transport of people or goods in or out extremely difficult.

The resulting war has resulted in mass casualties, and has also traumatized even young children.

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