Irish Foreign Ministry condemns increasing repression of freedoms in Bahrain



Irish Foreign Minister Simon Covini condemned the growing repression of freedoms in Bahrain, citing restrictions on fundamental freedoms in recent years, including freedom of opinion and expression.

In response to questions from Irish parliamentarians on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, Covini expressed his concern about the arrest of Bahraini citizens, both in terms of the reasons for the detention and their treatment by the Bahraini authorities.

Covini also revealed that he had instructed officials in his ministry to meet with officials from the Bahraini embassy in March 2019, raising their concerns about human rights directly with embassy staff.

"My ministry will continue to monitor developments in Bahrain and call upon the Bahraini government to fulfill its stated commitment to make progress on human rights. We will do this directly with Bahraini officials, as well as at the EU and international levels whenever opportunities arise," he said.

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