Every year a Filipino man marks Good Friday with an actual crucifixion


A man playing the role of prophet Jesus, peace be upon him,  during Holy Week in the Philippines was crucified for the 33rd time on Good Friday.

Since the 1980s, Ruben Enaje, 58, has portrayed Jesus Christ's crucifixion and death on Good Friday in front of crowds of locals and tourists in a village north of Manila.

During these realistic crucifixions actors drive four-inch nails into both his hands and feet and lift him on a wooden cross for around five minutes. Enaje, who is Catholic, said he continues the tradition to remind the world about the plight of Jesus Christ, but he added he has decided to stop participating in the crucifixions after next year.

The ritualistic ceremony also includes self-flagellation of different kinds that is being practiced for ages under the sights of local and international media out-lets.

Many European and African countries inhabited by Christians are witnessing the establishment of ritualistic ceremonies that includes self-flagellation and walking barefoot, and it is noteworthy that such practices did not cause any anger of international news agencies and media organizations, which did not broadcast the news.


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