53% of Yemenis are food insecure


Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation said that according to the results of the integrated analysis of food security, more than 53 percent of Yemen's population are severe food insecure, which requires urgent intervention to meet food needs. 

Minister of Planning, Abdulaziz Al-Kumaim, said in a meeting of the committee charged of raising the level of nutrition in Yemen, Wednesday, that the issue of food security tops the priorities of the government agenda. The efforts are aimed at mobilizing the potential to mitigate the consequences of the food problem in Yemen, he added. 

The Minister of Planning pointed out that these indicators clearly warn of the aggravation and escalation of the malnutrition problem, especially among the children. 

He stressed the importance of the role of private sector institutions in supporting government efforts to reduce the catastrophic effects of malnutrition on children and mothers. 

The results of the integrated interim analysis of food security --released last January and prepared by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with the broad participation of all Yemen's partners in development-- showed the worsening implications of the food problem in Yemen.


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