Watchdog finds over 20,000 civilians killed in nine years in Afghanistan



The Independent Human Rights Watch has found that more than 64,100 civilians were killed and wounded in wars and suicide attacks in Afghanistan during during the past nine years. 

A new report states that 23,130 civilians were killed and 40,974 were wounded of which 52 percent were men, 18 percent were children, 7 percent women and 22 percent is unknown.

Chairperson of the commission, Sima Samar, said that armed militants were responsible for 69 percent of the casualties.

The report also reveals that more than one million people were displaced due to the war in the last nine years.

“Saying 64,000 is very easy but think how many families and people were affected. A mechanism to prevent it should be looked for,” she said.

The commission says one of its concerns is that government does not address the condition of families of victims - either of security forces or civilians.

“We use all our resources but addressing all those families equally is a difficult task,” said Najib Danish, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

The report called on government to punish perpetrators of violations against human rights.

Some MPs said all citizens should be treated equally in terms of giving them their rights. 

“All citizens of Afghanistan should be provided their rights equally,” said Ali Kazimi, an MP. 

“The law is not implemented by any organization. It is just mere lip service,” said Simin Barikzai, an MP.

The commission has also assessed harassment and torture in another study which found at least 80 incidents were registered last year, showing a 22 percent reduction compared to 2016.


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