Times: The world sees Saudi Arabia as a rich country waging war on a poor country



A series of articles and reports in British newspapers criticized Saudi Arabia on the occasion of the visit of its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to London, linking it to the war on Yemen.

A BBC report focused on the preparation of a demonstration to protest outside the British government headquarters in central London, where he meets with Prime Minister Teresa May and a number of ministers.

Among the comments and reports criticizing the visit, an article in the British newspaper "The Times" said that "Saudi Arabia is facing problems in the field of public relations, in the eyes of the world is a fantastically rich country waging war on a poor country.

"The war that Riyadh is waging against Yemen has killed 10,000 civilians," says author Roger Boyce.

"The future of Saudi Arabia is linked to its victory in the Yemen war," he said, adding that Yemen was facing difficulties in securing food and drinking water, as well as spreading diseases and epidemics.

He believes that this war is also the problem of Britain. Saudi Arabia uses British equipment and equipment to fight it.


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