Moves against Shias’ rituals in Saudi Arabia to escalate tensions


Desecration of Shia Muslims’ religious rituals in Saudi Arabia’s eastern governorate of Qatif will result in escalation of tensions and even civil war in the Arab country, a US based analyst said on Wednesday.

Referring to recent moves by Saudi forces against Shia mourning ceremonies in Qatif, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, executive director and founder of the Washington based Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia Ali Alyami said such moves show that discriminatory policies in the country still continue and could even intensify. 

This could “result in more tensions and perhaps civil war in the country,” the Saudi political activist said. 

“Saudi Arabia needs new leadership that, instead of making attempts to foment division inside the country, brings the people closer together.” 

The predominantly Shia region of Qatif has faced long-standing oppression and people’s religious ceremonies are not tolerated by the Saudi security forces. 

The Shia Muslims of Qatif like other Shias in the world, mourn the anniversary of martyrdom of the third Imam, Hussein bin Ali, peace be upon them, and his companions in the 680 AD Battle of Karbala.


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