Hidden Sun Educational Foundation to hold a workshop that is related to Eid al-Ghadeer


An educational workshop for boys and girls aged 4 to 7 to get them engaged with Ghadir Khumm and the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, will be held in London by Hidden Sun Educational Foundation.

The events of Ghadir Khumm shall be told as a story by various storytellers who shall interact with the children.

There will be a short greeting and and an interactive introduction to explain the importance of the event and the elements of the workshop. This will be accompanied by healthy snacks and natural fruit juices.

The educational workshop aims to help children memorise, or remind them of, the famous Ghadir Khumm hadith, "Man kunto mawlaa, fa haadhaa Aliyyun mawlaa." The children will sit in a circle and pass a parcel around, symbolising the duty of passing the message of Ghadir Khumm to others.


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