ADHRB Executive Director criticizes US complicity in violence in Awamiya



Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) Executive Director Husain Abdulla criticizes US complicity in the ongoing violence in Awamiya, Saudi Arabia and condemns all violence that has occurred in the area over the past months.

“The Saudi government’s ongoing military operation in Awamiya is buttressed and sustained by the complicity of Western governments, in particular the US. For a long time, the US has provided weapons and training to Saudi Arabia’s security forces, including its special operations and counter-terrorism forces, both of which are engaged in Awamiya. The US has also sold Saudi Arabia billions of dollars’ worth of weapons, underwriting the kingdom’s military.”

“The weapons sales increased dramatically during president Obama’s terms in office. However, even as he sold more arms to Saudi Arabia than any other administration, he had at least been a vocal advocate of conducting a foreign policy that respects human rights.


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