Norwegian right-wing group confuse empty bus seats with burqa-clad women



A Facebook group for right-wing Norwegians opposing mass immigration has recently become the laughing stock for failing to distinguish between empty bus seats and burqa-clad women.

The Facebook group Fedrelandet viktigst ("Fatherland above all") became the subject of ridicule in the Nordic country after a seemingly harmless photo of empty bus seats was erroneously taken for a bunch of burqa-clad women and invoked a fiery discussion on the Islamization of Norway.

After a user posted a photo of an empty bus seats with the question "What do you folks think of this?" many a member chimed in on how "frightening," "tragic" and "scary" this scene was, the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen reported. 

Other lamented the "fact" that Islamization has gone so far and suggested that the "passengers" could potentially have "weapons and bombs" hidden under their garments.


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