Corbyn: ‘We must have some difficult conversations with Saudi Arabia’


UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for some “difficult conversations” with Saudi Arabia, accusing it and other Gulf countries of promoting and funding extremist ideologies.

In a speech delivered at the northern town of Carlisle on Sunday, Corbyn, who is running for Prime Minister for the socialist Labour party in the upcoming election on Thursday, said that British values of tolerance must be maintained.

"We must resist Islamophobia and division and turn out on 8th June united in our determination to show our democracy is strong," Corbyn told his audience less than a day after the terrorist attack in London which left at least seven people killed and 48 injured.

Corbyn, who has previously criticized Saudi Arabia’s human rights record as well as the ruling Conservative government’s numerous dealings with the country, also blasted the spending cuts to the police force which the Conservatives have imposed over the last few years.


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