New images show Rohingya refugees with army-inflicted wounds, burns


Myanmar’s army is under more pressure over its brutalities against Rohingya Muslims after fresh images emerged reportedly showing refugees from the minority group with wounds and burns sustained during a military crackdown.

The pictures, seen by The Guardian, depict Rohingya refugees, among them children, with severed limbs, disfigured faces, slashed bodies and machete-inflicted head wounds apparently sustained during a Myanmarese army’s crackdown.

The photos, obtained by the Burmese Rohingya Organization of the UK, a London-based advocacy group, strengthen reports that Myanmar’s military committed serious abuses against the ethnic minority during a military campaign in Rakhine State that ended this year.

A United Nation report that included interviews with hundreds of Rohingya refugees, said, “The army deliberately set fire to houses with families inside” and “in other cases pushed Rohingya into already burning houses.”


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