'Union of European Scholars to fight Extremism and Takfirism' in Denmark


A conference is slated to be held in Imam Ali (as) Islamic center in Denmark on May 22-23 with the cooperation of European Union of Muslim Scholars and Shia Theologians in order to discuss the issues of religious extremism and takfirism.

Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad Mahdi Khademi, head of Denmark's Islamic Center, had an interview with media in which he elaborated on the agenda of the upcoming conference.

“Radicalism is considered as a threat to mankind's peaceful coexistence; it is not only limited to Islam. It's possible that followers of other religions such as Christianity and Judaism ignore the divine truth as well and fall into the risk of extremism,” saidHujjat al-Islam Muhammad Mahdi Khademi .

He further added, “Our purpose is to promote the doctrine of moderate Islam, spread the culture of peaceful coexistence among mankind and to discuss the takfiri thoughts and find out their origins.”


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