Woman faces hate crime charges for attack on two Muslim moms



A woman faces a number of hate crime charges after she attacked two Muslim women and tried to rip their hijabs off as they pushed their toddlers in strollers on a Brooklyn sidewalk, authorities said. 

Emirjeta Xhelili approached the two women near 20th Avenue and Cropsey Avenue in Bath Beach according to court documents. 

She punched one of the women in the head and tried to rip her hijab off while screaming, and offending the Muslim women with F words according to the criminal complaint. 

Xhelili then pushed the woman's stroller, which had her 3-month-old baby inside, toward the ground before turning to attack her again.

"This is the United States of America," Xhelili shouted while punching the woman in the face and trying to rip her hijab off her head.



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