Australia mosque vandalized in racist attack



An Adelaide mosque has been targeted by racist vandals, who have daubed the entrance to the building in swastikas and offensive slogans.

The converted house on Hogarth Road at Elizabeth Grove in Adelaide's north has been scrawled with phrases in graffiti including "No Muslim".

The number 88, a code used by neo-Nazis to mean "Hail Hitler", has also been spray-painted on the building.

Police confirmed they were notified about the graffiti on Friday night, and said the incident occurred at some time in the past week.

Imran Lum Said, whose family runs the mosque,"We're not scared or intimidated and it's not going to stop us coming together and serving the community."

The attack has been widely condemned as "awful" and "absolutely disgusting" on social media, where pictures of the vandalized building appeared earlier today.


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