Largest Quran teaching center in Senegal with 3500 Quran memorizers and 450 students



The Dar-ol-Quran of Koki in Louga, northwestern Senegal, is being announced as the largest Quran teaching center in the country.

According to the Dakar.icro website, more than 3500 Quran memorizers and 450 students are learning the Quran and religious sciences at the center.

Abbas Motaqedi, head of the Al-Mustafa International University’s branch in Senegal, says the Dar-ol-Quran of Koki was launched in 1939 by Sheikh Ahmed al-Saqir with the aim of teaching the Quran and Islamic sciences.

Islam is the predominant religion in Senegal, a country in West Africa with a population of around 14.5 million. 92 percent of its population is estimated to be Muslim.

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