Grassroots campaign to dispel Islamophobia


A grassroots community organization with branches are the world are currently holding its second annual "Hello, I am a Muslim." campaign.

For the second year in a row on March 12, 2016, thousands of Muslims in Europe and Australia have aimed to break down barriers with the public by holding meetings points for people to come and discuss Islam.

The event is being attend by thousands in Europe and Australia in an effort to breakdown the prejudice and stereotypes of Muslims.

"Studies have shown that where there is no personal contact with Muslims takes place, the fear of Islam is the greatest and Muslims in those areas are under the threat," says KadirArslan, General Secretary of the organization.

For us it is important to counter the effects of Islamophobia through discussion. Last year we had more than 100 meetings points in various locations in Europe with more than 1000 Muslim volunteers resulting in a face to face meeting of more than 61,000 people. This year, we have more than 150 locations in 8 different countries".

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