SRW says AlAzhar's latest competition is direct targeting against Shia Muslims and public incitation


Shia Right Watch Organization expressed its regret over the latest competition launched by Al-Azhar under the title of "Spread and dangers of Shiism inside Sunni countries", describing it as a clear violation and a direct targeting against Shia Muslims.

SWR said that such uncalculated move and irresponsible behavior aim at targeting Islamic unity and inciting Muslims against each other, along with its contradiction to Islamic teachings.

The organization urged the leadership of AlAzhar to reconsider such behavior sponsored by extremist figures who contribute in supporting Takfiri groups financially and morally.

SWR called on AlAzher to stop the competition and held its organizers accountable in order to keep the good image of AlAzhar institution in Muslims' minds and avoid transforming it into an institution that backs Wahabbi Takfiri groups.

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