Sixteen arrested Malaysian Shias at Ashura mourning ceremony released on bail


Sixteen of the Malaysian Shias, who were arrested two days ago at the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, were released on bail.

They bailed Shias also have to be present at the 'Religious Affairs Organization of Selangor' (JAIS) according to the dates specified for each of them.

Police called on every women and children of the ceremony as well to be present at JAIS on Monday for answering some questions.

It all comes while Shias of Kuala Lumpur have received all necessary permits from the authorities for organizing such ceremonies.

Malaysian police two days ago and on the eve of Tasua raided Husseini mourners at the Imam Redha Hussainiyah in Kuala Lumpur.

It is noteworthy that five years ago security forces of Selangor province raided Shia mourners on the eve of Ashura and arrested many of mourners.

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