Denmark minister calls Ramadan fasting ‘dangerous’

 Denmark’s immigration minister, who last year celebrated the country’s increasingly strict entry laws by posting a Facebook picture of herself with a cake, has suggested that Muslims fasting for Ramadan should stay home from work “to avoid negative consequences for the rest of Danish society.”

Vienna hosts Quranic program

A Quranic program titled “A Night with Quran” was held at the Imam Ali Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria, earlier this week.

All mosques in China should raise national flag

Flags should be hung in a "prominent position" in all mosque courtyards for the places of worship to become "a solid platform for the study of the party and the country's laws and policies," the China Islamic Association said.

A school in southern Thailand lifts hijab ban

Thailand's Ministry of Education has defused a dress-code row at a school in Pattani province by giving the green light for Muslim students there to wear the hijab and long trousers in line with their religious rules.

Man detained for weaving knife at Amsterdam Mosque

The police responded to al-Nour mosque on Witte de Withstraat in Amsterdam West, Netherlands, on Sunday night to deal with a man waving a knife at the mosque, the police said on Facebook.

ISWF: Nations to protect the lives of Palestinian civilians.

The Imam al-Shirazi World Foundation stated that “it is seeking help and protection from the almighty Allah for the oppressed innocent people in Palestine after the Israeli army killing and abusing them in a barbaric way, not respecting souls, the sanctity of innocent bloods or children and elderly people.

2018 worst year for Syria humanitarian situation: UN

The UN Humanitarian coordinator for Syria has warned that the country is currently experiencing its worst humanitarian crisis since a foreign-backed crisis erupted in the country seven years ago.

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