Man convicted of hate crime for burning Texas mosque

A man accused of torching a South Texas mosque last year has been convicted of a hate crime charge along with charges of federal arson and possessing unregistered explosives. A jury in Victoria, Texas, deliberated about three hours before convicting 26-year-old Marq Vincent Perez.

Hui Muslims: China seeking to eradicate Islam

Green-domed mosques still dominate the skyline of China's "Little Mecca", but they have undergone a profound change -- no longer do boys flit through their stone courtyards en route to classes and prayers.

Council in UK bans unstunned halal meat for schools.

Lancashire council in the UK has voted to stop supplying schools with halal meat from animals killed without being stunned, in a move described as “discriminatory and Islamophobic” by Muslim leaders.

Disputed mosque opens in Laingsburg, South Africa

A mosque has opened its doors in Laingsburg, a town in the Western Cape province in South Africa, following a battle with the Friends of Christian Community Church, who objected to the construction of the mosque. They argued that the mosque was too close to their church. 

Hudaydah residents in critical condition: UN health agency

The UN health agency has warned about the “critical” conditions of civilians in Yemen’s Hudaydah, which has been subject to a Saudi-led offensive for weeks, saying military operations in the key port city threaten over 70 percent of the population who are in need of relief aid. 

Muslims cycling from Macedonia to Mecca for Hajj

Two Muslim Albanian men from Tetova city, the capital of the Albanian province in Slavic Macedonia (FYROM), are now filming their lifetime journey of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca by bicycles. 

Mosques integral to Islam: India’s supreme court told

Stressing the importance of a mosque in Islam, senior advocate Rajiv Dhavan on Friday told India’s Supreme Court during the hearing on the Babri Masjid-Ram temple land dispute case that the religion will suffer if prayer in mosques is not recognized. 

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