Shia Rights Watch condemns reaction Iranian security to pilgrims of the holy shrines

The International Shia Rights Watch Organization condemned Iran's security forces forbidding pilgrims from entering the holy shrines and using force with them.

The organization said in a statement that it strongly condemns the excessive violence of Iran’s security forces towards unarmed civilians following their refusal of the closure of al-Masouma Holy Shrine. 

It added, "Iranian security forces launched an attack with clubs and sticks on the pilgrims of the shrine of Sayyida Masouma, peace be upon her, wounding dozens and arresting others.”

The organization pointed out that this measure reflects mismanagement in managing the crisis and belittling the beliefs of the Shias, as well as the authorities' failure to keep pace with the need of citizens during a crisis.

In this regard, the organization called on the concerned authorities to apologize to the pilgrims and release the detainees, and to allow those who wish to pray and visit, as the shrines of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, are a safe haven as history has proven.


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