prominent violations against Shias

Shia Rights Watch issued its monthly report on the most prominent human rights violations committed against Shia Muslims from September 25 to October 25. 

The report reviewed several terrorist operations carried out by Takfiri groups against Shias. In addition to the repression and abuse practiced against them by some regimes and governments, stressing that they relied on their own sources and some public sources, such as individuals and groups active in the field of human rights deployed in countries that witnessed these violations. Moreover, the Organization refrained from mentioning some violations due to the absence of clear evidence for confirmation, although the expected occurrence of such violations in some countries, stressing that they are not aiming for political goals or profit, only to achieve justice and equality. 

In the report, Iraq was on the top of the list of the most prominent violations against Shias from Sep 25 – Oct 25.


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