Imam Hussein media Group produces a new show on world events



Imam Hussein Media Group has launched a new live show, on Imam Hussein TV3, that discusses world events in current times and during the past.

The show is being hosted by Ahmed Ali, who told Shiawaves that “the show discusses the countless events that have accrued and the ones that are accruing, it provides an open floor for those who want to debate, discuss, or share their opinions.” The host has further added that “some events go unnoticeable but many have changed us and changed the way we view this world forever.”.

The live show is broadcasting for the holy city of Karbala every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday at 11:00 pm Karbala time.

It is worth mentioning that Imam Hussein Media Group broadcasts in five different languages namely, Arabic, Persian, English, Azari Turkish, and Urdu for the purpose of disseminating the teaching of the true religion of the holy prophet and his holy progeny, peace be upon them.


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