IHTV Group awarded in ceremony of Baghdad Book Fair


Baghdad International Book Fair management has rewarded Imam Hussein TV Group during the conclusion of the book fair’s activities on Saturday.

The book fair director attended the IHTV booth where he expressed his gratitude and appreciation, and awarded the media group.

IHTV booth witnessed a huge turnout by pilgrims, seminary students, university students, and political and cultural figures who had all their questions answered. Visitors of IHTV booth asked questions about how to establish a channel that disseminates the true culture of the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, in addition to praising the role IHTV taking in propagating the religion of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, without any support from any political party or an external institution.

It is worth mentioning that IHTV Group participated in Baghdad International Book Fair for the first time.




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