Adam Center holds symposium to rebuild Jannatul Baqee Cemetery


Adam Center for Defending Human Rights and Freedoms has held a symposium under the title of "Legal Mechanisms to Rebuild Jannatul Baqee Cemetery" with the attendance of many specialists in law researchers.

The symposium aims at shedding light on legal items through which Jannatul Baqee Cemetery could be rebuilt on the basis of religious freedom adopted by international treaties.

Dr. Dhia Jaber, Dean of College of Law at the University of Karbala, said that there is a basic subject related to Legal mechanisms of rebuilding Jannatul Baqee Cemetery which is the international law, along with enhancing the bilateral relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia especially when there are a number of Shia people in the kingdom.

One of the participants called on registering Jannatul Baqee Cemetery at UNISCO to offer a chance to demand for such a heritage as it belongs for all humanity not only the Shias.


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