Shia Rights Watch calls on all parties to stop violence in Iraq

Shia Rights Watch Organization expresses its deep sorrow and sadness over the fall of hundreds of martyrs and wounded during the ongoing protests in Iraq, stressing its solidarity with the legitimate demands of peaceful protesters aimed at ending the common administrative and financial corruption and improving the living standards of the afflicted Iraqi people.

The organization is closely following all developments in the central and southern governorates of Iraq, especially the recent violence that killed dozens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded, warning of the risk of the country descending into chaos and internal war that does not exclude anyone, which causes regret to all members of the Iraqi people.

The organization stresses the need for all parties to commit political restraint and exclude violence in all its forms and deal with the crisis with prudence, diligence and altruism, renewing its demand for the political class in Iraq to meet the demands of reform through concrete measures as soon as possible.

Shia Rights Watch believes that the fair distribution of wealth and the fight against corruption and the establishment of transparent democracy is the best way out of the political crisis, as well as blocking the negative foreign interventions in the affairs of the state.


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