Ayatollah Golpaygani authorizes the disbursement of half of ‘Saham al-Imam’ to confront the coronavirus and treat the infected

The Religious Authority His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Safi al-Golpaygani approved spending half of the ‘Saham al-Imam’ or the Share of Imam al-Mahdi, to counter the coronavirus and treat the infected.

This comes after a health association in Qom sent a letter to the Ayatollah requesting him to approve spending the blessed share of the Imam in health services.

His Eminence said in a message, "I ask the honorable Iranian people to fully comply with observing health assets and paying close attention to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. He also announced that they are authorized to spend half of the share of the Imam, peace be upon him, in this regard.”

He added, "I extend my sincere thanks to the health sector in Iran, including the doctors, nurses, and servicing employees; those who make tremendous efforts to safeguard the safety of our dear citizens.”

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