Beit Al-Mawada grant distribution to winners of first stage draw


Mesbah al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development in Karbala, affiliated to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi office, has announced the completion of the first phase distribution of the grant to the winners of the first phase of the Beit Al-Mawda Youth Marriage Project.

The Foundation said in a statement on Wednesday that the grant was distributed to the winners from various Iraqi provinces, adding that the grant includes material gifts and equipment in kind to help young people to move towards a stable married life, adding that the scope of the project is expanding through the interaction of new contributors and increasing the number of applicants for the marriage grant.

It is noteworthy that the project has been launched by Mesbah al-Hussein "peace be upon him" Foundation for Relief and Development ,under the sponsorship of Grand Ayatollah Sadiq al-Shirazi's office, is the largest project to help young people of different sects and religions and from the north to the far south to marry and to eliminate celibacy phenomenon.



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