Sayyed Hussein Shirazi: Let our first and last goal be earning Allah's mercy in this world, hereafter


 A delegation has visited the house of the Grand religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, in the holy city of Qom, where hundreds of believers from the city of al-Kifl in Iraq including tribal leaders have listened to the speech of Sayyed Hussein al-Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life.

During his speech, the son of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said that "many people if they suffer a calamity or a problem in this world, they give it a great size, that it does not deserve, they exaggerate it, and they also neglect the mercy of Allah, the mercy that is capable of everything.

Pointing out that fear in the world must be from God, Almighty, that is from the grave, the day of judgment, and the hereafter, not fear of anything in this world.



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