Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shirazi visits London


Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shirazi, the son of the late Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Shirazi has visited London, to visit the new building of al-Rasul al-Adham Husayniyah in this city. 

This journey was conducted with the purpose of visiting centers that are affiliated to the Grand Jurist in the UK, establishing ties with other religious and Islamic centers, and meeting with cultural, religious, and social figures.

Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shirazi along with Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Haeri, a representatives of the Grand Jurist in London, began these meetings with Ayatollah Sayed Mojtaba Shirazi, the brother of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi in this city. 

His eminence also Visited Sheikh Burhan, at London City Hospital, met with Ayatollah Ghadiri, visited Imam Hussein TV Network and met with members and officials of this media center were among other activities of Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shirazi in London.

The League of Scholars organized a ceremony to host Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shirazi and other members of the Grand Jurist’s Office in London.



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