Al-Zakhri: Building al-Baqee mausoleums establises a genuine reconciliation between Iraqi and Saudi people


The representative Imam Shirazi World Foundation, Sheikh Taqi al-Thakri, said that the reconstruction of the shrines of the imams of Baqee, peace be upon them, establishes a genuine reconciliation between the two brotherly peoples of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Thakri told Shiawaves, on the statement of the foundation to the UN for the reconstruction of al-Bekaa al-Gharqad, "that after the serious steps to open the horizons for cooperation and rapprochement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the foundation has called for the rebuilding of al-Baqee. The foundation received support from delegates from some European countries, pointing out that this work establishes to build a genuine reconciliation between the two brotherly peoples of Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

Sheikh Al-Thakhri mentioned the attempts of the Shirazi religious authority 40 years ago to build Baqee al-Gharqad and the efforts of the martyr Sayyid Hassan Al-Shirazi on the construction issue through the formation of delegations and going to Syria and Yemen. 

He also met with the kings and princes of the Kingdom and discussed with them the rebuilding of this holy place, calling the officials of both countries to give importance to this subject, as well as embarking upon the commercial, intellectual and security aspects, likely to reach advanced steps in this matter if there is no interference from other states.


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