Arab and international media react on the arrest of Ayatollah Hussein al-Shirazi by Iranian authorities


The latest news of the detention of the son of the religious authority Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, Ayatollah Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi, have been reacted to hugely by Arab and Western media.

Where the news of the Iranian intelligence attack on the religious authority, represented by his eminence Grand Ayatollah Shirazi and the arrest of his son, Ayatollah Sayyid Hassan Shirazi in a disrespectful way in front of people after their departure from the mosque of Imam Zein al-Abidin, peace be upon him, in the holy city of Qom.

The media outlets mentioned that this is not the first attack on the Shirazi religious authority by the Iranian regime, pointing out that the repeated attacks come because of the independency of the Shirazi religious authority and its continuous calls for the independence of the religious seminaries and the religious authorities from the governments.

Other media outlets have strongly condemned the arrest of the son of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, describing what the Iranian authorities committed as inhumane action, demanding the maintenance of his safety and the immediate release of him without any condition, warning of the reactions of the masses.



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