Sheikh Abdul Ridha Ma’ash tours Shia Centers in Tanzania


Al-Khatib al-Husseini, Husseini Preacher, Sheikh Abdul Ridha Ma’ash has begun his tour on the religious centers in the various provinces of Tanzania starting from Ahlulbait center in Arusha governorate, where the center contains a mosque, a conference hall, classrooms, a public library, restaurant and accommodations for students and scholars.

The Sheikh began his visit with a series of lectures in jurisprudential and history for the students of the center, the lectures were interspersed with interactive interaction with students were a lot of topics and suspicions of ideological and intellectual and historical events were discussed.

His Eminence Sheikh Salman, Director General of Ahlulbait Center in Tanzania, spoke about the importance of these lectures and seminars for students of religious sciences in order to focus on the true faith and remove suspicions. He stressed the need for these intellectual and educational lectures because many students come to multiple questions through their communication with the different segments of society, and communication with intellectuals and academics.

It is worth mentioning that the Center sends annually some of the graduates from the center to Karbala to complete their education.



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