ISWF sends a letter to the interior ministers of the Islamic and Arab countries on the occasion of Ashura revival


The Imam Al-Shirazi International Foundation in Washington sent a letter to the interior ministers of Islamic and Arab countries on the occasion of the revival of Ashura.

The foundation said in the letter, received by Shiawaves, the Islamic and Arab worlds receive the holy month of Muharram, where Muslims, in general, and Shia Muslims, in particular, revive the most sorrowful occasion. Black flags and banners will be raised, as a symbol of sadness, across the world, and Arab and Islamic countries in particular.

The Foundation called on "all ministers to ensure the safety and security of the participants in the commemoration of Ashura, especially as many terrorist groups declare in an Takfiri manner their intention to target these rituals motivated by extremism and ideological intolerance, which  is totally in contrary to the teachings of Islam and the Sunnah of the holy Prophet Muhammad, peace bee upon him and his progeny.”

The letter was concluded saying "The Imam Al-Shirazi World Foundation places its full confidence in the ministers in carrying out their humanitarian, religious and legal responsibilities of protecting their citizens on one hand, and working to secure and maximize the Husseini rituals and their establishment on the other, especially as it is a peaceful, purely humane Islamic rituals."


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