Two Shia Muslims released after enforced disappearance for years

The birth anniversary of Imam Mehdi, may Allah hasten his reappearance, has brought good news for many in Pakistan as two innocent Shia Muslims were released from illegal and undeclared captivity. The second good news was successful and result-oriented protest held in Quetta against Shia genocide and Army Chief accepted the demands of protesters.

Conflicts displace almost 1,000 Kunduz families

At least 1,000 families have been displaced in the last two weeks due to heavy conflicts in Qala-e-Zal district in Kunduz province, Afghanistan local officials said Saturday.

Egyptian calligraphing world’s largest Quran

An Egyptian man intends to calligraph the largest copy of the Quran in the world.  Muhammad Abdul Sattar, who lives in Egypt’s northern Dakahlia governorate, started writing the copy in February, reported.

SRW publishes its monthly report

Shia Rights Watch International Organization published its latest monthly report of the anti-Shia movements in April 2018.

Sheikh Hassan Shehata martyrdom anniversary on Mid-Shabaan

The blessed mid-Shaaban coincides the martyrdom anniversary of the Sheikh Hassan Shehata and three Shia in Egypt during a cerebration for the followers of the Ahlulbait, peace be upon them, by in a sectarian attack by the Salafies.

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