UAE to deport 70 Shia Lebanese

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil confirmed that the UAE had decided to deport 70 Lebanese Shia individuals

99 killed and 104 injured mostly Shia in 16 bomb attacks in January

  Out of the total 16 bomb attacks dropped due to the on-going military operation against the militants in northwest restive tribal region of Pakistan, two were of suicide nature that killed at least 61 people and injured 53 others at two different areas of the country.

Several Shia volunteers martyred in suicide bombings and clashes

  A security source in Salahuddin province announced that violent clashes broke out between the Iraqi the Iraqi security forces, backed by the Shia militia, and IS terrorists north of Samarra, referring to the casualties on both sides.

Quran, among best-selling books

Following the publication of cartoons desecrating Islamic sanctities in France, the Noble Quran and books about Islam are becoming a best-seller in the country.

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