Saudi airstrikes target humanitarian aid convoy in Yemen

Over two dozen people have reportedly been martyred and several others wounded in a fresh wave of Saudi aerial attacks in Yemen, which also targeted a humanitarian aid convoy in the country’s southwest

Palestinian students secretly recruited to fight against Shias in Yemen

Al-Hikma Institute for Islamic Culture has recently published an article on its website stating that some Arab and Zionist media networks circulated a report reveals that Hamas Movement in Palestine is secretly recruiting Hundreds of Palestinian students studying in Yemeni universities to fight along with the Saudi forces in their war against Shia Houthis in Yemen

Muslims to surpass Christians by 2070

Reflecting the rapid spread of Islam across the world, a new study found that the number of Muslims is expected to surpass that of Christians by 1% after 2070

Iraq forces find locate of 2014 Speicher carnage

Iraqi forces have found the place where militants from the IS Takfiri terrorist group executed hundreds of troops abducted from Camp Speicher in the north of the city of Tikrit last year

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