Takfiri terrorists kill Shia Muslim doctor in Karachi, Pakistan

Notorious takfiri terrorists of banned Deobandi outfit ASWJ/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi attacked a Shia Muslim doctor in Lyari Khadda Market Area near Kharadar in district south yesterday. The injured doctor breathed his last breath, as it was confirmed yesterday.

Bahrain cracks down on Formula One protesters

Security forces in Bahrain have cracked down hard on people protesting the country’s hosting of the Formula One race, which they say serves to distract world attention away from the government’s large-scale rights violations.

PMU picture exhibition held in Pakistan

Within the activities of the Cultural Week Festival being held by Imam Hussein Holy Shrine in Pakistan, is an exhibition displaying the pictures of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) showing their heroic stories in combating ISIS.

250ISIS Militants killed in Hamza Operation

Local officials in Nangarhar province on Monday said a 10-day operation named ‘Hamza’ was launched by Afghan Special Forces in cooperation with foreign troops and are ongoing in Kot and Achin districts.

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