Title Published Date
Terrorist mortar attack kills three people, including a woman near Damascus 24 January 2016
Three mass graves found in ISIS-held Syrian province 18 January 2016
ISIS massacred 350 people in Syria's Deir Ezzor 17 January 2016
Humanitarian aids to enter Syrian Shia towns:Madaya, Kefraya and Fouaa 14 January 2016
Syrian army continues to hunt terrorists in Aleppo 13 January 2016
Humanitarian aid to Syria’s besieged towns 12 January 2016
ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzur sustain heavy losses in Syrian artillery and air attacks 06 January 2016
Military operations launched in Syria to take key Dara'a city 04 January 2016
50 Terrorists killed in Sheikh Miskeen military operation 03 January 2016
Some 300 Syrian families leave besieged Al-Foua’a and Kafraya 31 December 2015
Syria Shia families' evacuation from Kefraya and Fuaa begins 29 December 2015
Several martyred in terror attacks targeting Syria's al-Zahra Shia neighborhood 28 December 2015
Five civilians martyred in a terrorist attack in Syria's al-Zahraa Shia town 26 December 2015
Anti-terrorism operations intensified in three Syrian provinces 24 December 2015
Scores of Jeishal-Fateh terrorists hunted 21 December 2015
25 terrorists killed in Idlib and Hama provinces 20 December 2015
Five Syrians and one Palestinian detained over Beirut bombings 15 November 2015
Syria army continues operation against takfirist 14 October 2015
15 terrorists killed in clashes with Syrian army near Zabadani region 06 October 2015
Mass wedding ceremony on Eid al-Ghadir in Shia city of al-Zahraa in Syria 05 October 2015

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