Title Published Date
UNICEF calls for urgent action to help over 100,000 children trapped in war-torn Aleppo 20 August 2016
North American Shia Muslim Community helps Syrian refugees adjust to new peaceful life 09 August 2016
Kuwaiti man arrested on charge of recruiting Indian youths to ISIS 08 August 2016
Eight citizens killed, scores injured in terrorist rocket attacks on Damascus countryside and Aleppo 07 August 2016
Syrian calligrapher refuses to sell rare Quran copy 01 August 2016
Damascus denounces US-led ‘massacre’ in Syria, calls on UN to intervene 31 July 2016
More than 2353 Syrian civilians executed by ISIS during 25 months since declaring its alleged caliphate 31 July 2016
German police raid homes of group accused of radicalizing Muslims 30 July 2016
Car bomb hits Damascus, wounds several 27 July 2016
Eight killed in mortar attack on Syrian capital’s old quarter 26 July 2016
France: Nearly 100 foreign militants enter Syria via Turkish border “each week” 23 July 2016
Syrian children hold Pokémon photos praying 'world will find them 23 July 2016
Fighters from a US-backed Syrian militant group have been filmed brutally beheading a child 21 July 2016
A child and two women killed, 15 others injured in terrorist attacks in Aleppo 20 July 2016
Syrian Army gains full fire-control over al-Lairamoun-Castillo Road in Northern Aleppo 19 July 2016
ISIS confirms death of top commander Omar al-Shishani 17 July 2016
Terrorists sustain heavy casualties in clashes with Syrian Army 11 July 2016
Almost 50 killed in terrorist shelling onIdlib province 09 July 2016
Syrian army restores security to three villages in Homs 05 July 2016
Seventy killed in battles north of Syria’s Aleppo 03 July 2016

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