Title Published Date
ISIS to send 7,000 terrorists to Afghanistan 16 October 2016
Syrian Army fends off terrorist raid on southeast Hama 05 October 2016
Syrian army cuts terrorist supply route to key town in west Ghouta 03 October 2016
Syrian gov't troops advance in Aleppo's old city 29 September 2016
Humanitarian aid delivered to four besieged towns in Syria 27 September 2016
Syrian Army liberates key district in northern Aleppo 25 September 2016
Mass wedding ceremony on Eid Al-Ghadir in Shiite district of Nubl & al-Zahraa 25 September 2016
Syrian forces launch attack against Takfiris in northern Hama 22 September 2016
Pentagon: ISIS information minister killed in US-led airstrike 19 September 2016
Syrian Army launches counter-attack in Jobar after repelling terrorists' raid 17 September 2016
Syrian army establishes control over al-Sanouf hill in Deir Ezzor 15 September 2016
Syria war death toll now more than 300,000 14 September 2016
Terrorists continue mortar attacks on residential areas in Foua'a, Kafraya 14 September 2016
Syrian protesters urge swift end to siege of Kefraya, Foua 10 September 2016
Syria: UN must punish state sponsors of terror 07 September 2016
War on Syria: ISIS claims wave of bombings that kills dozens 05 September 2016
ISIS buried thousands in 72 mass graves, AP finds 31 August 2016
Syrian Forces liberate Sayyida Sakinah Shrine in Darayya 28 August 2016
UNICEF calls for urgent action to help over 100,000 children trapped in war-torn Aleppo 20 August 2016
North American Shia Muslim Community helps Syrian refugees adjust to new peaceful life 09 August 2016

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